May – June 2011

Diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer, with family history of 2 deaths from Breast cancer, my grandmother and my cousin, my chances were very slim.

July 2011

Mastectomy done and lymph nodes removed, stressed but still doing OK.

January 2012

Third cycle of chemotherapy done, felt really bad, swollen, dizzy, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, blood results bad. Started looking for alternative treatment.

February 2012

Found out about Ayurvedic center in my home town Skopje, Macedonia. Consultations with Ayurvedic doctor, prescribed Planet Ayurveda herbal remedies for cancer, diet and some changes in the lifestyle

April 2012

Second month of taking Planet Ayurveda treatment, and following recommendations of the Ayurvedic doctor, feel much, much better, blood results very good, got appetite, no dizziness, sleeping well, got most of my strength back

2013 – 2015

Educating myself about Ayurveda and Planet Ayurveda products, read everything I could find about Ayurveda, met Dr Vikram Chauhan, the man who Founded Planet Ayurveda


Moved to Boston, MA. Founded family run small business Arjun Ayurveda, LLC affiliated to Planet Ayurveda and started helping people in need with Planet Ayurveda products

July 2017

First training with Dr Vikram Chauhan in Ayurvedic center in Skopje, Macedonia. Intensive training, hands on experience during Dr Vikram consultations with patients in Macedonia

September 2018

Second training with Dr Vikram Chauhan, 10 days intensive training, excellent learning experience, learning from the best Ayurvedic doctor