Dr. Madan Gulati

Dr. Madan Gulati runs his ayurvedic clinic and has experience of more then 40 years of practice in Ayurveda. He is an international celebrity in the field of Ayurveda. He is not very much net savvy but due to his abilities to treat complicated diseases, he is with us for handling typical cases. Running his own Ayurvedic treatment centre in Chandigarh, North India. The patients visit from all over world to his clinic located in most beautiful area of Chandigarh.

Usually the complicated patients who are not getting relief from any other doctor but getting good results after getting ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Gulati. - (Comments Written by Dr. Vikram Chauhan)...


  • Specialist in Panchkarma and Yoga

  • Specialist in Ameobiasis, Arthritis, Diabetes

  • Mellitus, Bronchial Asthama, Hypertension, Cancer, Ageing and other chronic diseases.