Navkarshik Churna Powder

Navkarshik Churna - Best Effective Herbal Remedy for Gout and Inflamed Joints
Navkarshik Churna is an effective herbal remedy to treat gout naturally. It contains blood cleansing herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs, detoxifying herbs thereby help in reducing uric acid levels, swellings around joint and also improve overall well being of the person.
It is Ayurvedic remedy for gouty arthritis. The herbs present in this formulation are useful in treating inflammatory conditions. It is also useful in purifying the blood because of the presence of Nimba and Manjishta in it.
It supports healthy skin and joints.
Product Weight (gms) : 200 gm
Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with plain water

Product categories: Powders - Churnas
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